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Sarah Dussault, a name you may recognize as Senior Video Producer here at Diet.com, brings the Diet Diva character to life with her sometimes biting, sometimes funny, always interesting takes on life and our passion for celebrities and their weight loss methods. The Diet Diva never shies away from a fight, but is always fair with her commentary.

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Celebrities and Diet
by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger

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Getting bored at the gym? Hate crunches? This abs routine will definitely test your fitness level. I know it tested mine but I swear, as hard as it was, I think my tummy was tighter and flatter the following week after doing this exercise. These moves are also great at burning fat because they are so hard, your heart rate really gets pumping!

@ 1:02pm ET on March 12, 2008 Just as when I was wondering about carrying out on some weight in addition to my cardio.. Thanks woman :)
@ 1:19pm ET on March 12, 2008 Thanks for posting girl I love the new moves! Gonna try a couple of them today!
@ 7:54pm ET on March 12, 2008 I loved this video! I'm going to use these exercises in my next workout! GREAT moves! Thank you for the moves!

And hey, you're looking more and more toned in every video!!!
@ 1:25am ET on March 13, 2008 WOMAN!

DOOOOONTTT TELL ME WHATS HAPPENING JUST YET ON OTH!! I'm really really really behind the episodes since work has been killing what's left for my "tv" time -- hmm, may it be on youtube and i'll view it at work? HAHAHAHAH! waaaaaait!! really really!? gosh, sophia is too gorgeous!

Goodness, since I have done this weights thing? I'm gaining than loosing. Hmm. well, no time to panic!

You're getting SEXIER and more HOTTER everyday, d'ya know that? Go and walk on that RED CARPET! Shall we? ;P
@ 10:01am ET on March 13, 2008 Wooow those moves look like they really work you! Good workout Diva! Lookin' good! ;)
@ 10:32am ET on March 14, 2008 Good workout !!

@ 10:33am ET on March 14, 2008 Good workout!!

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