Oreet J.S., is the founder and creator of SharQui - The bellydance workout®, the ONLY fitness accredited bellydance format in the world. She is a certified AFAA group fitness professional and is a provider for both ACE and AFAA fitness associations and has produced 3 SharQui instructional DVDs. Oreet presents and certifies dance and fitness professionals in the SharQui format all over the U.S., Israel, and Japan as as being an award-winning bellydancer.

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SharQui's Sweating Sexy Blog

by Oreet J.S., SharQui® Bellydance and Fitness Expert
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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is Oreet and I am a mom of now 2 kids and the founder of SharQui - The bellydance workout. SharQui is an awesome workout that blends both authentic bellydance and a cradiovascular workout. For more info on SharQui, please visit my website at www.sharqui.com.

bellydanceAs a mom of 2 kids, 2.5 year old son and a 6 month old daughter, bellydance was the only exercise that made me feel great before and after. Yes my body has changed somewhat, wider ribcage and hips, but I am back to my pre pregnancy weight and I feel and dance better than ever!

Here are some benefits in an article called "Shimmy, Shimmy! Bellydance Benefits" written by dancer and dance teacher, Cristal Orpilla...

More than just seductive gyrations to the likes of Shakira, bellydance is one of the world's most ancient forms of exercise. As a dancer and teacher of this artform, I have come to realize the many health benefits that bellydance has to offer. Bellydance can be enjoyed by all: anyone and everyone can benefit from this dance, regardless of age, shape, weight, and body type. There is a wealth of health gains awaiting those who practice this form of dance.

Bellydance helps to build strong bones and muscles and considered as a form of weight-bearing exercise because you remain on your feet as you perform intricate movements. Weight-bearing exercises aid in preventing osteoporosis and help to strengthen bones due to an increase in bone density. It also helps to tone all major muscle groups: neck, back, arms, hands, abdomen, thighs, legs, glutes, and calves. With proper posture and correct movements, belly dancing extends the muscles to help release tension, particularly in the abs and back. This leads to strengthening the lower back and helping to prevent or ease back pain. The fast movements, primarily the hip and shoulder shimmies offer cardiovascular benefits as well by becoming a form of aerobic exercise that makes you break into a healthy sweat.

Bellydance is a low impact form of exercise and
because it is low impact it doesn't jolt or jar the body, thus making it very safe and unlikely to cause injury or damage to the joints.
It works in harmony with the body, instead of against it, because it is based on movements that come naturally to the human form.The graceful hip drops, rolls, and pivots of this dance form utilize muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis, trunk, spine, and neck, which all help to build a powerful core.

Bellydance helps to aid in weight loss depending on the level of intensity. It can burn as much as 300 calories per hour. Combined with a healthy diet that involves a well-balanced meals, bellydance can undoubtedly be part of a sound weight loss program.

Bellydance is a great way to reduce stress and tension.
Smooth swaying, circular and flowing movements are comparable ...    Continue

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@ 7:02am ET on October 31, 2012
Hi Oreet, so glad that you liked this article. I would like to request however, if you could please link it back to, my original site at:


Thanks so much, and hope the article helped many who wanted to learn more about such a beautifully therapeutic dance! Are you based in NYC?

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