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My Journey

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Tomorrow starts the first day of classes of my last semester at ASU. Which means tomorrow is when I'll be starting to get back to the gym. I'm pretty excited, though I do realize that I'll still need to take it easy for the first week or so since I'm still sore from when I fainted.

In the morning before I leave for campus I plan to take note of my weight and my waist measurements. I will also be taking a before picture. Which I've taken quite a few before pictures recently and keep failing on it ha ha But my goal is to be 135 by the time I graduate in December. So we'll see how this goes :-)

Last night I went to a "back to school" party a friend was having. One of my friends came up to me twice at the party just boasting about how great I looked. Saying that when she first saw me at the party she didn't recognize me. Of course she was pretty drunk off her gourd, but it was still nice to hear. She even said at one point that I was such an inspiration for her when she sees my posts on facebook and such. She even started doing 30 day shred because she saw I was doing it and wanted to give it a try. So that was pretty cool.

Anyway, I'm going to be hitting the bed relatively soon. I have class tomorrow starting at 11am and ending at 6:15pm. So needless to say I have a loooooong day ahead of me!

Later days!

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