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My Journey

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I have been so slack-tastic lately I can't even begin to describe. I need to get right back to it. Life is so crazy, which I know isn't the greatest "excuse" in the world. Everyone's life is busy in one way or another. But I have about a week until my audition with Ensemble Stage, and I definitely want to look my best for it! I know I won't be able to drop a lot in the next week... but as I've said before... as long as I'm not over 150... that would be fine with me.

I feel really horrible because I've been home all day and I actually thought about working out, but didn't. I decided to work on homework and get some reading done instead... which isn't the worst way to spend my time I suppose ha ha SO MUCH READING THIS SEMESTER!!!! But I do need to get back into it. Seriously. I can't believe how far I've fallen behind. It makes me smile to see so many people on here that have done so well lately. Quite inspirational I must say! It's like you've all given me the kick in the rear I needed to get back to it and get it done!

Anyways, I need to pop off here and start getting ready for work soon. Hope everyone has had a great week so far.

Later days!

@ 10:06pm ET on February 16, 2012 Don't feel horrible!! I neglect my working out duties too!!!LOL, I guess I'm not the only one.
I have a horse and do Natural horsemanship, and horses Is a great way to lose weight, as a fact I've lost 5 Kilo's from it. Also I've gotten VERY strict about what I eat. From 2 Days ago on, Only Brekfast, Lunch and dinner, NO SNACKS!!! It's going great and I've already lost 1 1/2 kilos. So If You really need to lose weight do it that way!! I Have a friend in Australia who did this, because she was going to the beach with her friends in 2 weeks, and she lost 5 whole kilo's and looked great!! So it's really fast, Wish me Luck to keep it up!!:) Good Luck!!
@ 10:17pm ET on February 16, 2012 Ha ha I don't have access to a horse, nor do I even really know where to begin in how to ride one.
@ 11:07pm ET on February 16, 2012 Ha!! Neither did I!!! My parents got me a horse when I was 14 and a bridle!! I Just learned myself really!! Kinda freewilling!!I Had a horrible day today-ate way 2 Much!!! :( slap my face and start again!!LOL
@ 9:12am ET on February 17, 2012 Even a 10-15 minute workout per day is better than nothing! :)
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