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It was a fun trip... somewhat stressful at times for random reasons. We walked a LOT to the point where I now have a few blisters on my feet as well as a new callus or two. Gross! My ankle also started acting up a lot, so I had to take my pill for my ankle like twice a day.

We got into the city on Thursday by way of the metro. When we got there we soon realized we had forgotten our DC map. So we went looking for a map and soon found one. We were so disoriented and lost for a while. We found the Holocaust Museum but the line was so long we decided to check back with that later. We ended up visiting the Smithsonian museums. I'm not sure how we did it but we essentially visited the American History, Natural History AND the Air and Space museums all that day ha ha After that we had a walking tour of the monuments at 7pm, so we hoofed it over to the start of the tour. That was so cool. If you ever go to DC, check out DC Tours on Foot. They're free walking tours of various DC places. The guides work for tips. It's pretty awesome! After that we walked to the metro, got in the car, and went to the camp we were staying at.

Friday we hopped the metro and went to the Zoo, which was a lot of fun. That zoo has pandas, which made me happy, and a bird exhibit which made me even happier! After the zoo we went back to Mall area and attempted to walk to the Shakespeare Library. We got there only to find out that they were closed, but I got a bunch of pictures in the garden outside and of the etchings on the building. After that I think we left and went home again.

Saturday was the main day of the event for Girl Scouts, Rock the Mall. Before that, we went to Arlington Cemetery. That was such a great and humbling experience. We even got to see a changing of the guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns. It was really interesting. This was another one of those DC tours on foot things. The guy was really fun and knew so many nice lil tidbits about some of the graves. It was awesome. Then we went back into the city, picked up the lunches for my sister's troop, then went to the Washington Monument to meet up with everyone at the event and eat lunch. Then my mom and sister went to the aquarium while I met up with my friend Amy who was also in town for the weekend. We got lunch, well, she got lunch, and then we walked back to the Shakespeare Library and I finally got to see the inside... ...    Continue

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