My fight against the unwanted lbs

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So I've been a regular on this site until about a year ago when I got a depression (being unemployed, failing to get pregnant after treatments at the hospital and a lot of small things that just made my life unbearable). I started taking meds (and I'm still on them) and all my energy was going into feeling good again. So I stopped obsessing about my weight and just let go. Then my boyfriend proposed to me and we got married in June.
I am extremely happy and love my life :) I have job I love, fantastic friends and family, we have a nice apartment and all in all everything is good. But a little too good cause my weight is higher than it has ever been. And now that everything else in my life is going so well I thought it was about time to get back here!
This week I'm starting off lightly with only cutting out candy and cake from my diet. I've been eating a lot of that lately! It's hard but I know it will be good for me in the long run. Next week I will also cut out soda. I've been working a lot and haven't felt I had the time to go to the gym. But now my husband and I have made a deal that he will make sure I go before work on the days I go to work at 11am. I work in a shoe store and have different work schedules each week so some times I have day where I don't have to work and can use more time at the gym. Like tomorrow :) I think I'll go to a step class and maybe a body toning class.
I feel good about my decision to get back on the weight loss track and I'm looking forward to getting to know all the new folks here and see if there's still some left from when I was here last!

@ 11:51pm ET on September 21, 2012
Well Congratulations on your marriage, that's wonderful news! What a perspective that I've never heard before, "I love my life", what a beautiful message for us reading your post. I've never said that out loud and I needed to hear it. My spin, I LOVE MY LIFE DAMMIT! I'm so glad you wrote about getting on track and any steps you take towards getting healthy, no matter how small will make a big impact later. Thanks for posting. =^.^=

@ 2:14pm ET on September 22, 2012
Thanks, I am really happy and try to enjoy all the small things. I've learned not to dwell on the negative and not beat myself up when things don't go as I've planned.
I will try to remember the thing about small steps making big impacts :)

@ 4:42pm ET on September 24, 2012
Welcome back! Congrats on your marriage :) My advice is to take things slowly and set mini-goals for yourself (like you've described in your blog), as well as rewards for yourself when you meet a goal. Great to hear your hubby is supportive - that's wonderful! GOOD LUCK and I can't wait to hear more!

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