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Trainer Pete's Blog

by Peter Samberg, Expert Personal Trainer
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I get a lot of questions from clients about the effectiveness and safety of many energy drinks out there. Now I am not a dietitian but my strong opinion on them is that they definitely are not needed and some can even be adding to your weight loss struggle. Many are filled with a ton of sugar and the ones that are not may have harmful substitutes for sugar in them, along with gross amounts of caffeine.

So what to do? For a drink I always offer green tea as an alternative, it's the only thing I personally drink for a little pick me up but more importantly I ask what has you so tired that you "get that 2pm feeling" everyday?

Let me tell you it's not healthy to always be tired and feel like you could go to sleep at any point during the day. Like you have heard from myself and many other trainers, exercise is a great way to boost your daily energy. If you are not exercising, that would be my first advice, but many people that are exercising still feel tired. Exercise is a great way to boost energy but there are other factors that can help as well. Here are a few other things that can greatly effect your energy levels:

1. Are you getting enough sleep? I feel silly for even mentioning this because it seems like common sense to me. But when I ask the same tired people, "How much sleep are you getting?"... the answer is usually, "Not enough."

We need sleep to function properly. Your body and mind do an amazing amount of work every day and they need this time to recover and recharge. Most adults need, on average, 8 hours of shut-eye to wake up feeling refreshed. Note that everyone is different and some may need a little more and some may need less. Find what works for you. If you are not getting enough sleep it is a sure way to feel tired, not to mention it has been shown ...    Continue

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