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Getting Healthy

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Although I completely disregarded the diet while visiting my family, I have been back on it yesterday and today.
I did get a chance to reread Eat Right For Your Type. And, sorry Spike, but your answers didn't match up with his reasoning. I don't want to give away copyrighted material, but Dr. D'Adamo basically said which foods are more likely to irritate sensitive GI tracts...I'm not sure how grapefruit juice is less likely to upset my stomach than orange juice, but I didn't notice cramps this morning.

For my afternoon snack, I made a baked pear in the microwave. I tried to do it yesterday, but not all of it cooked through. So, today, I cooked it a little longer and added granola and a sliver of honey butter. (I don't know why, but I couldn't find regular butter in the cafeteria at work.) I liked it better today and I even shared it with one of my coworkers.

I still had a little dessert at the end of dinner, but I'm getting better about putting it down before I finish all of it. I remember a day last year where I had two slices of cake after dinner....I've always had a sweet tooth and always will. I'm just trying to change my habits. Like, the baked pear was a healthier snack than some cookies.

I wonder, though, if I'm getting enough calories. I wrote down everything I ate and it's about as much as usual. I am hungrier than usual today. That may just be my meds messing with my appetite, though.

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