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Right, so it's almost been a year since my last post lol time flies!
So I changed jobs, and that's been keeping me pretty busy. I also took up a business course (since my new job is my new business), and joined a networking group.
Life has been pretty busy!!!
A real milestone for me a few months ago was joining my local gym. OMG! Yes, a real gym. Go me!
It was alot easier than I thought, as one of my friends/clients works there, so she set it up for me and introduced me to some of the staff. They are so lovely! There's one trainer who is so awsesome, she always says hi every time I go in and we always have a chat/laugh when she's working.
So I'm feeling pretty confident about the gym at the moment. I just got my ass kicked the other day as she changed my programme. My legs have only just come right after 3 days! I guess that's a good sign, and a sign that they really needed working on haha.
I think a big motivator for me this time round is my health. I have been having digestive problems lately (and they have been getting worse, but I am in the process of sorting that)and working out just makes everything work a little bit smoother.
The other thing I have noticed, is that it puts me in such a better mood for the day :)
So anyways, promise I will post again before the end of the week!

@ 2:38pm ET on August 20, 2012 Great work joining the gym!!! And I'm glad to hear that the folks who work there are nice and friendly - that certainly makes the gym a more welcoming place!

I love the effect that exercising has on my mood and my confidence. Even when I have to dragggggggggg myself to the gym, I ALWAYS feel great afterwards. It's true what they say - you never regret a workout!
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