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Hello everyone,
Not sure how many veterans are out there and remember me, but I used to post everyday. I got down to my goal and was sooo happy... Then I got sick, life happened, and I am back up to where I started. 150...
So the tracking starts again, the good diet starts again. I am also going to be working out with my husband at a gym in town... Let me give you little background as to what I mean when I say life happened...

I started working for GNC in July. I loved it. But things were very rocky with my hubby, and we ended up splitting. We tried once again in October, but it just didn't work. I moved up be a Manager of GNC within a few months, I got my own apartment in a separate town... And I went down hill. I stopped eating altogether. I got down to 120 pounds but then my cousin come along. We spent a lot of time eating. So I went to other extremes. I got up to about 135 look healthy but still sick. I decided enough was enough, and started eating whatever I wanted whenever and kept it down. Then I hit rock bottom. My ex-husband, as our divorce was final in February and I started hanging out some as friends, and I missed him. I woke up one morning miserable and sick. He called and asked if I could come over to his house after work so we could talk. I ended up asking him if we try again. So now, months later moving through all of our hardships and rocky points and still struggling some, but more appreciative and loving and understanding than we have ever been, we are back together. We call each other husband and wife, although we are technically divorced. The last few months, I have gained weight and I am up to 150. My boss had the nerve to tell me I was getting fat. Two weeks later, I put my two weeks notice in. He doesn't understand how the last time I saw me, November, I hadn't eaten in three days. I didn't say a word to him though.
And my hubby and I agree, I only need a part time job now. We are also trying to have a baby... Did I just say that? Yes, we are wanting a baby. Time apart made us realize what dreams we really had. That was being a big happy family. And we are getting there. So, I must lose some weight. For my height, I am considered overweight on the BMI scale. So my short term goal for this month is 10 pounds.
June 4th-150
June 11th-146
June 18th-144
June 25th-141
June 30th-140
Seems very doable. What will I be doing? Counting calories. I am going to be eating 1300 calories a day. I also, because of my stomach conditions have a rather limited amount of meals I can eat. So we shall see how this goes!

I hope everyone has had a great year so far! And I look forward to seeing some new faces and veterans of!!


@ 5:29pm ET on June 4, 2012
You're back!!! You were sorely missed. Your old boss had no right to put you down, not cool. I like your plan and look forward to getting to healthy with you. :D

@ 6:13pm ET on June 4, 2012
Yay, you're back!

I'm sorry to hear about the rough year you had! Though it sounds like things are on the up, and that is good - no, great! - news! And a baby! SO EXCITING! I LOVE babies! And pregnancy... I love that too. :)

What sort of stomach condition do you have?

So glad to see you back!! I'm sure you'll hit your goals -- you were always such an awesome inspiration before, and now you have the most exciting motivation ever!! :)

@ 12:54pm ET on June 6, 2012
Great to see you back! I'm happy for you and your husband for working through your issues, and I hope he turns out to be a good gym buddy! Good luck with your goals and keep us posted!

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