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My dad called this morning. He was in town, and wanted to take me to lunch. He eats high protein, low carb diet. So the only thing I could think of that he might like would have been Golden Corral. He ate broccoli and pork chops. I loaded up a big salad... Don't be deceived... I put cheese and ranch and all the yummy stuff on it. And then I had a roll and a few veggies. I know I didn't make great choices. But I won't be let down. I then went grocery shopping. I didn't buy much. Just some staples and some fruit. But I took a long time, walking as much I could.

Besides that. I haven't had a productive day. I need to do dishes and I need to fold laundry, put up clothes... All those adult things that I can't seem to make myself love after four years. But, I should be starting my job next week and I need to get off my booty and do some cleaning, and burn some calories!

And whats for dinner tonight? I am thinking chicken fajitas. Yum.

@ 6:56pm ET on July 11, 2012 Hey I've made FAR worse choices at Golden Corral before ha ha I mean... you can't go to Golden Corral and NOT have at least one roll. Those things are awesome! Little cheats are ok! Don't sweat the little things ha ha
@ 9:40pm ET on July 11, 2012 I added it all up, about 1000 calories! I ended my day with 1400. I made a packaged meal thing for dinner because the hubby came home sick. It wasn't good, and so I didn't eat much. And I had a pudding snack for dessert.
@ 10:25am ET on July 17, 2012 Very nice to enjoy a lunch with your dad - and there ARE far worse things you could have ordered!!
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