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So far so good! Had another good day, all the way around. Got new tennies, sports bras and some wicking biker shorts for the gym. No, I haven't gone yet, but I've told Ash we are going this next week! My goal is three times, but that depends on her happiness. They have a child center and she met a friend last week, but if there are no other kids there she won't like to go. I'm not too worried about it because we are lucky enough to have a pool and everyday I'm in it, if for no other reason than to clean it. It's not an intense workout, but I skim it and swim back and forth a little and sometimes we get in again when Daddy gets home. The doctor said he just wanted me to tread water, because of my bum knees and recent decompression surgery on my shoulder. I am a tender bender, have to easy does it on the exercise.

I went to the grocery store again and loaded up on some more goodies. I got All Bran bars and put one in my car and one in my purse for when the hungries get me away from home. Got more WW treats because they keep me from feeling deprived.

Today I had grapenuts, 2% milk and some cherries for breakfast. Before we went shopping, I looked up Chik-fil-A's menu. They even have a little calculator so you can see what your menu choices add up to. So at lunch, I had a grilled chicken sandwich and carrot raisin salad. I had half a dream cone, which was just 2 grams of fat! It's wonderful to know if I'm out and about in hot Houston, my daughter and I can drive through and get an ice cream and I won't be blowing it! For dinner, I made salmon, boiled white potatoes (with spray butter) and cooked carrots, ...    Continue

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@ 7:57pm ET on July 1, 2007
Looking up nutritional info on-line is helping me out a lot too. Whenever I go out to eat I always try to check out the menu and nutrition info first to see what's healthy to eat. I've been amazed at how many calories and fat are in some of the things I used to eat! But being able to look things up beforehand is really making a difference in my weight loss. There's a great web site called calorieking that has the info from lot of different restaurants. Keep up the good work!

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