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My Journey

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The other day we were coming back from shopping. Mom was driving, my sister was in the front and I was sitting in the back seat. My sister asked if I wanted a peanut butter M&M. I was like "No thank you". My mom had bought some dark chocolate at the store. She later during the drive asked me if I wanted some. Again, I said "no thank you". My mom looked back at me and goes "I admire your will power." ha ha

I sometimes can see where I have will power. I used to drink a LOT of soda... but I haven't had any soda in like a month. I've learned to say "no" to things that I know aren't diet friendly. But still, I slip. It took me a long time to get from 173 pounds to 172 ha ha

Anyway, I just finished my 20 minute Zumba workout. About to eat a nice lunch and then get some dishes done. Maybe even get some packing done since I'm MOVING IN 2 WEEKS! AHHHHHHHH

Later days!

@ 3:58pm ET on July 18, 2011 Every liilte bit helps. Congrats on your 1 lbs it is better than nothing. Have fun packing...lol
@ 5:16pm ET on July 18, 2011 moving is a workout itself!
@ 11:28pm ET on July 18, 2011 You do have good will power. Many people lack that! Keep it up and congrats!
@ 2:49am ET on July 19, 2011 Way to go hun :) Like Elise said, every little bit helps!
@ 10:11am ET on July 19, 2011 Thanks guys! I figured out that I've lost about 6 pounds in the past month. The weight has fluxuated within the past month, but from the weight I started at to the weight I was a month ago... yeah... six pounds have been lost ha ha So I'm counting that as a victory. I think that's a pretty good pace. I'm hoping I can keep it up through Thanksgiving and Christmas. That's going to be the major trial ha ha
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