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Hello everyone :) I hope all is well!

I did some much needed cleaning of my house today. This evening I went to my gym and worked out for about 1 hour and 25 minutes! I feel great! I am hoping for a good loss to report back to you all on Monday!!

@ 9:32pm ET on February 3, 2010 The house cleaning is a chore but it is so rewarding when you step back and look at what was accomplished. Two workouts in one day!! Wow!! You're burning those cals gal. :) I hope you will have great news on Monday.
@ 9:58pm ET on February 3, 2010 Cleaning or the gym...which is a bigger accomplisment? They both make you burn up a sweat (or at least me!), they both make ya feel good afterwards, and they are both good choices to make! So you had a pretty nice Wednesday I'd say :) Good Luck to you for a loss on Monday..I am rooting for you!!
@ 12:45pm ET on February 4, 2010 It's amazing how cleaning can really make you work up a sweat! That's so awesome that you still went to the gym...especially for that long! Watch out people, here comes Dana! ~Sara :o)
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