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This weekend I went on a little hike in an area east of Portland. There are some beautiful waterfalls along a 5+ mile trail that runs from Multnomah Falls to Wahkeena Falls, and with the beautiful weather we had in Portland this weekend, we had to take advantage of it by heading outdoors for this hike!

I love taking a break from the gym routine to get in some outdoor exercise, don't you?!

Here are some pics from our hike this weekend:

waterfalls rocks
waterfalls waterfalls

Don't forget to share your pictures with us as well! What are your favorite non-gym exercise activities?

@ 11:44pm ET on June 12, 2012 Oh my gosh!! That looks like a gorgeous hike!!
@ 8:31pm ET on June 13, 2012 I love this hike!! Did you leave MA for OR? I feel like I have missed a lot!
@ 10:05am ET on June 14, 2012 Yes, I moved from MA to OR at the very end of January! As you can see from the photos, things are beautiful here :)
@ 11:40am ET on July 30, 2014 This is one of my favorites. My brother and I hiked up it before there way before it was paved. And I have taken my friends, and my husband on it. I absolutely love this waterfall, it always reminds me of being a kid
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