Executive Chef Michael Davis believes a creative innovation of wholesome foods is the best approach to eating... foods unadulterated by chemicals, layered in flavors with a picturesque presentation. He received his A.A.S. in Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University.

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Cooking with Chef Davis

by Michael Davis, Executive Chef
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The benefits of flax seem astounding: reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, keeping platelets from getting sticky, reducing the risk of breast cancer, preventing certain eye disease, and reducing risk of diabetes.

So it's no wonder that flax is associated as a modern miracle food. Alpha linolenic acid is the plant version of Omega 3 fatty acid which is found in fish such as salmon. Flax has been around for several thousand years; its healing potential has been around for about the same time.

Flax is available in whole seeds, ground seeds and oil forms. It is readily available in grocery stores, health food stores and certain pharmacies. The ground flax seed contains fiber, and the other nutritional elements that flax possesses while seeds may pass through undigested. The oil is beneficial only lacking the fiber and in some cases it is easier for the body to digest.

Well now we have this miracle food what do we do with it?

The applications are only limited to our ability to be innovative. Think of the things that you eat: toast, cereal, salads, steak, seafood, smoothies, pasta, breads, casseroles, vegetables.

Some of the most direct applications depending on the consumer may be the least or most effective. While taking some ground flax seed and sprinkling it on my cereal may be effective, if my cereal or my child's cereal seems to be invaded by an alien, it isn't likely to be consumed more than once ...    Continue

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