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Katrina Hodgson, NASM CPT, BS Health Science, has helped thousands reach their goals by designing fitness programs with her workout videos and her website ToneItUp.com. As one of Diet.comís featured personal trainers she hopes to share her passion for fitness and continue to make a positive impact for the Diet.com community.

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Fitness Expert Katrina
by Katrina Hodgson, Diet.com Fitness Expert

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Everyone always asks me how to lift the buns or tone up their backside -- basically, to do what the fitness models do during their butt workout.

I'd rather show you than tell you so I decided to put Karena through my Fitness Model's Butt Workout.

No equipment needed... all you'll need is the vivid image of what you want and a desire to burn baby, burn!

Begin with a warm up. I like to go for a short 5-minute jog.

Next you will do jump squats. Make sure you keep your weight in your heels, sit back and land softly. My jump squats target the inner and outer thighs more because I like to do wide sumo squats to narrow squats.

Next are toe touches. These really target the outer thigh and butt. Fitness models don't worry about cellulite creams or magic massages... they just fill the area and smooth it over with muscle tone! This is a great exercise to do at home too.

The third exercise is the jumping split squat. Increasing your heart rate will burn more calories and stimulate your metabolism!

The fourth Fitness Model's Butt exercise is butt lifts... and they do just that! I added a leg abduction and adduction to get the inner thighs.

Lastly you will find a set of stairs or a hill and do at least 5 minutes of running up and down. You may split this into 3 sets.

Repeat the circuit 3 times.

I hope you try this workout! I guarantee you will feel it and will have a firmer butt and legs after incorporating this into your routine!

Fitness Models do have great butts, but nothing comes easy... you just have to have a good time while working hard!

Katrina Hodgson
Fitness Expert

@ 9:19am ET on April 17, 2009 when I do stair runs it works my calves (sp) before my bum...what am I doing wrong?? should I skip two steps at a time? Would that be better for a butt exercise?
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@ 2:42am ET on September 4, 2012 Hi Katrina, thanks for head up on women fitness solution! I like to make just same exercise for my fatty wife though I will try to follow such efficient way for making fit body of my wife. Thanks for sharing!
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