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Fitness Expert Katrina

by Katrina Hodgson, Diet.com Fitness Expert
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Those shorts are out of the closet -- and the summer dresses and dreadful white pants that show every detail are begging to be worn.

Do not fear. I have the solution to lift your bouncing buns
before you can say gorgeous glutes!

Incorporate these 5 exercises into your workout routine 3 days a week and you will be well on your way to a perky bottom line!

Exercise #1. Single Leg Squat on Bosu Ball (at home you can do this on the floor)
To make this exercise more challenging, stand on a Bosu ball. Lowering your body down, sit back into your heel and keep your core tight. Make sure you knee does not go over your toe. Make sure your knee stays in line with your ankle and squeeze your glutes on the way up. Perform 12-15 on each leg, 2 times!

#2. Side Lunges
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step to your right about 3 feet away. Bend that knee and sit back in your heels. Make sure your knee does not go over your toe and your hips stay back. Push back up into starting position and repeat. Perform 12-15 on each leg, 2 times.

#3. Romanian Dead-Lift

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold either a weighted bar or dumbbells. Lower the weight down your legs. Keep your chin up, your back flat and maintain soft knees. Bring the weight to about your shins and return to starting position by squeezing your glutes. Repeat 12-15 times, then a second time if you can.

#4. Jump Squats
If you have not mastered the squat first, I suggest starting with squats and progressing to jump squats. Begin with a squat, with your feet shoulder width apart, toes facing forward, sit back as if you were to sit in a chair with your weight in your heels. Make sure you are sitting back with your hips and that your knees stay in line with your ankles and behind your toes. Keeping your shoulders back and your chin up, lower you thighs to about parallel with the floor. Return to the starting position. If you are ready, jump up as high as you can then landing into a squat. This is a plyometric move. You want to land softly and in the balls of your feet. This improves your power and also increases your heart rate burning more calories! Repeat 15-20 times. 2-3 sets.

#5. Stairs!
My favorite exercise to blast fat and tone the butt is to add stairs to my workout! If you want to tone up quick, add 20 minutes of stairs a day. Whether it is at the gym or at the local school stadium, climbing stairs, sprinting stairs, or just simply walking up and down them will lift those buns!

I like to do this routine at the gym but you can do this at home too. Walk up the stairs for 5 minutes (at home up and down), jog up the stairs for 2 minutes, walk for 3, skip a step for 2 minutes, walk for 3, sprint up the stairs for 1 minutes and walk for 4.

Always stretch after all these exercises and incorporate cardio and proper diet!

Katrina Hodgson
Fitness Expert

@ 4:45pm ET on August 8, 2012
ok .... then

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