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Diet.com blogger Laura Stack is a personal productivity expert, author of The Exhaustion Cure, and professional speaker. She is president of The Productivity Pro, Inc., a time management training firm specializing in productivity improvement in high-stress firms.

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The Exhaustion Cure
by Laura Stack, The Productivity Pro

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by Laura Stack
The Productivity Pro

Attitude, whether positive or negative, is contagious; so what type are you spreading? Being negative takes extra energy you could otherwise be channeling into your favorite pursuits. Instead of sowing discord wherever you go, learn how to cultivate tolerance instead of impatience; optimism rather than pessimism; and gratitude versus an ungrateful spirit.

Here's how to get started.

1. Stop negative thoughts in their tracks. Smother your feelings of pessimism, self-doubt, complaining, whining, and general negativity as they're born, or they're likely to take over your life and poison your relationships.

2. Stop worrying about everything. Instead of worrying about things you can't control, create alternate mental pictures in which you and yours are the winners. Worrying about stuff you can't control is a one-way ticket to the funny farm.

3. Listen to what your anger is teaching you. Anger is an evolutionary tool that keeps us safe; therefore, you should respond to it carefully. Instead of lashing out, become introspective about what it's trying to tell you.

4. Learn to deal with emotionally-charged ...    Continue

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@ 10:39pm ET on July 19, 2012 .

To add to your list, I would recommend "just do it" attitude as well. Many times, I read people over analyzing a situation, trying to ramp themselves up to the task, then trying to perform that specific task (like they are an Olympic athlete and they are shooting for Gold) . Let's face it, there are many tasks in life that must be done (regardless how we really feel about them). For example, washing our hands / face several times as day, combing one's hair, brushing one's teeth, picking / wearing clothes. For these tasks, we don't think about doing these things... We simply "do it", then continue life...

Eating properly and doing daily exercise is a simple "just do it" task as well. I don't think about it, I don't ramp myself up to it, and I don't put my feelings into it either. If I must take the dog for a walk after dinner, then I do it. If I must walk up 3 flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator, I simply do it. If I park further away from work or store to make myself walk further, I simply do it. And if I must do 75 raised calves while brushing my teeth before bed time, I simply do it as well. Eating properly while forced into fast food drive is a "just do it" properly task as well. For example, order chicken wraps without any sauce and chase it down with a bottle of clear water. Thus, getting good mixture of all food groups. And, getting healthy fluids as well. It isn't a perfect meal (compared to salad, no dressing with unbreaded chicken chunks) but it's pretty darn close. Much better than burger, fries and coke. Just "do it" with better food items choices and continue living life.

It's like when I swim across our lake and back again - which is 2-3 hour round trip. Some folks watch me "do the distance" and they cannot believe a 48 year old swims that distance without stopping. For me, I don't think about it, I "just do it". Life should be like that. Make good choices (food items, avoid stress, better exercise. better sleeping, etc. etc.) without thinking about it. "Just do it" as well...

Hope this item helps as well...
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