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Getting my sexy back..

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Ohh Lordy I have 8 days until the big huge race. Im super nervouse and I really have alot of doubt. Not to mention that my best friend is supposed to be induced on the 15th (same day as the race). I really do not want to miss the birth of my little neice. But I will be four hours away and Im super scared Ill miss it. Even though Im trying my hardest to really get her to have her this week.
My workouts have been good not to mention that my best friend goes with me and she gives me the push I need but at the same time I feel like a failure if I really have to stop. She has worked out alot more than I have in the past and she just keeps telling me to push through it and I really cant. The new stretching has worked but my calfes still give me charlie horses really bad so I really dont know what the issue is. I just hope I can make it.

Goodluck you guys.
Love always,

@ 5:04pm ET on September 11, 2012 Make sure you're drink lots and lots of water b/c muscle cramps are a sure sign of dehydration!

Also, a mantra that I like to repeat when I feel like giving up at the gym is, "You have to feel uncomfortable in order to change." It's true! We have to push ourselves past where we feel "comfortable" if we want to see changes in our bodies!

Never feel like a failure when you're at the gym!!! Anything and everything you do there is better than doing nothing. And THAT'S the truth!! You're doing great and we're all proud of you!
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