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Stephen Cabral, CPT/CSCS is the author of Fatlossity as well as founder and director of FitLife by StephenCabral.com. The Diet.com video contributor has been an active member of the fitness and personal training community for over 10 years. His passion has led him all over the country in pursuit of continuing to further his education, certifications, and health & fitness philosophies.

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Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
by Stephen Cabral, Fitness Professional

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When I say the word "diet" I'm simply referring to your healthy eating plan which allows you to lose weight or maintain a healthy physique.

I'm certainly not an advocate of calorie deprivation diets or anything that sacrifices your health just to lose weight. For the most part my online and studio clients don't even count calories, but instead just focus on eating good quality and natural whole food sources.

7 tips to stick to dietI have to say, though, that everyone's busy schedules and "on the run" lifestyles can often make it difficult to stay on track with your diet.

This often leads to cheat meals or snacks, which can seriously limit your ability to burn body fat and achieve your ideal physique. Also, many people don't believe that they are cheating all that much throughout the day, but a little bit here and little there all add up to a lack of results.

This can obviously be frustrating and discouraging when it comes to sticking with your weight loss program and that's why I recommend the 7 simple ways I use for myself and my clients to stick with a healthy diet.

Here are 7 Simple Ways You Can Stick to Your Diet:

1. Carry a small bag of almonds or a healthy protein bar with you wherever you go. You can put them in a coat pocket, a bag, or even your pants pocket.

2. Keep a natural Greek yogurt or other snack at work so that you don't ...    Continue

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