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So the taste hasn't gotten much better... I actually started chasing it a bit with apple juice ha ha Though it does taste slightly better if it's been in the fridge for a bit. I drank half of it this morning before I went to campus and the other half later tonight when I got home. This was what was suggested to me from my friend who sells Arbonne.

I haven't had much problems in the way of having to go to the bathroom or anything... which almost makes me wonder if it's working right. Who knows. I can sometimes feel my stomach acting funny after I've drank some of it... not painful or anything... it just feels kinda funny like I can feel it working... as weird as that sounds.

Still haven't seen much in the way of weight loss. Gonna weigh in tomorrow before I go into work in the morning and see if anything has changed. Of course... I haven't really eaten much today. I've been on campus most of the time. Ate a packet of grits this morning around 9am, snacked on banana chips throughout the day, then put two packets of grits in a bowl together and ate that around 5pm. When I got home around 8:30/8:45ish tonight I ate some dino-shaped nuggets with some ketchup. I've also had a cup of coffee this morning and a cup of cocoa tonight... it's cold and snowy here right now. Brrrrr! So I might see some weight loss tomorrow just based on that.

Anyway I need to hit the bed relatively soon. I have to be at work tomorrow 9:30am - 4:30pm, then I have to come home, change and head to campus for callback auditions for two 10 minute plays that I'm directing. ... Gonna be another long day tomorrow and I'm soooooo exhausted right now. I actually started nodding off and spacing out in my last class today... which is my favorite class with my favorite teacher and I sit right up front (Call me a teacher's pet, I don't care!) and I'm sure he noticed me getting sleepy in class. Hopefully he wasn't offended!

Later days!

@ 2:16pm ET on March 6, 2012
Thanks for keeping us in the loop about this cleanse and how it's making your body feel. We're all very curious how it will pan out! Good luck :)

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