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Fitness Expert Katrina

by Katrina Hodgson, Diet.com Fitness Expert
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We can't help but think that our favorite Hollywood stars -- those flawlessly toned women like Jennifers Aniston and guys like Matthew McConaughey -- must have some sort of fitness and diet secret.

Truth is they stay in shape with smart eating and exercise. Check out these top 6 celebrity diets and see what tactics can help you slim down too!

1. Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer Anniston looks fabulous. She stays lean with a celebrity diet plan consisting of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 30 percent fat. These of course are complex carbohydrates, whole grains, lean proteins such as fish and chicken and good fats found in fish and nuts. Our favorite "friend" has never looked better.

2. Lauren Conrad’s, “LC’s” Celebrity Diet

Advised from her trainer Jarrett Del Bene, Lauren Conrad from the hit TV show, “The Hills”, has one of the best diet plans. She eats about 1,500 calories a day in 6 small meals keeping her metabolism up and her appetite down.

Jarrett’s celebrity diet is one of the top searched diet plans today. This is because Lauren looks better than most models and girls on TV. She is a healthy remodel for young girls because she doesn’t starve herself and is at a healthy, attainable weight. With no surgeries or silicone found on this young beauty, Lauren has even shown her cast mates she is still the star of the show.

If she had a grocery list it would look much like this…

  1. Vegetables, raw so they can be in a salad or steamed

  2. Fresh fruit

  3. Lean meats, chicken, fish

  4. Egg whites

  5. Almonds and walnuts

  6. Low-fat yogurts

  7. Turkey bacon

  8. Peanut butter

  9. Oatmeal

  10. Kashi cereal

  11. Skim milk

  12. Low fat cheeses

3. Britney Bounces back with her celebrity diet plan

Britney recently interviewed with OK magazine about her comeback body. She says of all of her diet plans this one has worked the best. She has replaced the Frappaccinos with lean protein. Do we see a trend with the celebrity diet?

With lean chicken, turkey burgers and fish she eats lower glycemic index foods. Unfortunately this means she has cut out fruit because of the sugar. As soon as she ...    Continue

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