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Yay I did it. It was amazing and I am proud of myself. When I woke up I was super excited to go running even though I really only slept for 5 hrs prior. uggghh. But never the less my brother is always in a good mood in the morning so he pumped me up. We got to the race alittle early so that I can wake my self up and he had a special drink that gave me alittle boost. We chugged it 30 mins before and at the 10 min point I was moving my legs like crazy. There was about 200 ppl there ranging from 55-5 yrs of age. All shapes and sizes to so I didnt feel like a huge fat cow. There was this one lady I spotted who was about my weight if not alittle bigger and I made it a personal goal to keep up with her. We started and The first mile was easy, but the 1.5 mile was alittle killer bc that is when the hills started. Before i even got to 2 miles I stopped a few times to walk which I hated bc my brother just wanted to keep running, but he stayed beside me the whole time. There was also this 12yrd boy that asked to run with us and he helped alot bc I felt like I was running with my step son and I dont want to show weakness around kids. There was this older man that passed me while i was walking up a huge hill and In my mind I said hell So that is when I picked up the pace as much as i could and hit it hard. The lady I wanted to keep up with finished about 1 min before me. I found myself really proud of her and wanted to get her email. lol. I passed the old man and once we got to the site of the finish line, I sprinted like no other. When I got there I almost died and felt the urge to throw up. Alot of people congratulated me and said i did a great job. But after it was said in down I felt like I could have done better. I finished at 44 mins. My brother normally does 23mins. lol. So I really have alot of training to do. I did take a week off when i was sick and I cant do that anymore. I have 3 weeks till the mud run which has opsticales and this we are joining as a team so I really dont want to let the whole team down. Im gonna hit is hard tonight and start strenght training in the morning and alternate like that. I really feel now that I can do this and I have alot of people on my side that I dont want to let down. Im so glad I did this and Im super excited for my 13.1 miles in November. Goodluck ladies at your goals, the more you try the easier they get.

ps: In the past I have let ppl pull me away from my work out scehdule but no more. I have to be at this 100%

Love always

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@ 2:08pm ET on August 27, 2012
Love your dedication- and your testament to how awesome the running community is. Keep up the good work and that 44 min will change to 34 min faster than you think :)

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