When sheís not wheeling and dealing as Diet.comís Business Director, Meredith Oliver, aka Savvy Snacker, is sampling and reporting on the best snacks for the weight coin conscious. We think she enjoys the sampling part a bit more than the writing!

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Healthy Eating Tips, Tricks and more!

by Meredith Oliver, Healthy Snack Authority
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Love pizza, but always feel like it's going straight to your hips (or thighs, or love handles)? I found three tasty pizzas that you can actually feel good about eating!

1 - Ultra Thin Bruschetta (A.C. LaRocco Pizza)
A delicious pizza with lots of tomatoes and extra flavor. And 1/2 of a decent sized pizza is only 170 calories! Plus you get 11 grams of protein if you eat the full half... I believe you can find these at Whole Foods if you have one near you.

2 - Tomato and Pesto Pizza (365: Whole Foods Brand)
A quick and easy make, just pop it in the oven and in less than 20 minutes you have a yummy pizza. With just 170 calories in a quarter of the pizza, this is a great mid-week meal to split with someone.

3 - French Bread Pizza (Diet.com Recipe)
A quick and easy to make recipe that you can customize by adding more veggies or even some protein (chicken, ham, etc.) to your liking. Without any modifications, this recipe has just 180 calories. Check out the recipe!

Do you have another brand or recipe that you like? Share it with us!

@ 11:24pm ET on October 21, 2009
I am gonna try one of these tommorrow, Thanks

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