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More Ammo For Your Workout

by Ammo, Fitness Professional
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How badly do your want your thighs to look good? Is it as badly as some of my clients who have comical names for their legs like thunder thighs, thoroughbred, tree trunks or fire starters?

Well even if it's not, in my opinion there is nothing sexier than legs toned from butt to the heels.

I've put together three moves that can have you walking an extra mile just to please the environment!

With a proper diet, you can surely demand attention the next time you walk the runway!

1. Ball Bridge
Lie supine with head and shoulders on a physio ball, stomach drawn in, glutes tight, knees and feet hip-width apart, with a band around your knees. (Knees should form a 90-degree angle and feet pointed straight ahead).

Drop the hips toward the floor and back up again to start position, squeezing the glutes. Make sure not to arch the back in the top position.

Repeat for 15-20 reps, three sets, and a minute rest in between.

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2. Side Lunge with a dumbbell
Start off with a dumbbell in your right hand, left hand on your waist, feet pointed straight, hip-width apart. Take a side step to the left, about three feet apart, push the hips out, bending the left knee, bringing the dumbbell underneath the hips.

Your left knee should not go over your toes. Ensure that by keeping your weight on your left heel.

Push yourself back up to starting position and repeat for 15 reps. Alternate sides after each set, for a total of six sets, three sets each side. Rest for 45 seconds after both sides complete a set, and don't forget to switch the dumbbell to the other hand!

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3. Band walk
Start out with both hands on waist, shoulders retracted, stomach drawn in, glutes tight, knees soft, feet hip-width apart, and a band around your ankles. Without leaning to one side, take a step to the side, and then follow with the other foot.

Feet should always stay hip-width apart when they're on the ground. Take 15-20 steps in one direction and then the same amount back to original starting point.

Do 3 sets, with 1-minute rest.

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@ 8:02am ET on October 6, 2008
now this is something i can do ,but really how important is the band?

@ 8:27am ET on October 6, 2008
Oh the band is paramount! You will feel the difference immediately. It will also get the smaller muscles in your butt to kick in(no pun intended)!It also makes more sense to use the band for the band walk. These exercises are easy on the knees so you won't have to worry about stressing them. If you have chronic knee issues, consult your physician before trying these exercises. If your want more tips, visit ammoathletics.com and send me your email address for a monthly tip. Enjoy!

@ 10:57pm ET on October 6, 2008
I was wondering about the band too. Are they easy to find? Where can I buy one? Loved the article! Thanks for all of the great info :)

@ 5:29am ET on October 7, 2008
These bands are absolutely easy to find! You can get them at any sports store like Modells, Sport Authority, or such the like. They can go by the name of mini-bands, exercise bands, or something along those lines. The one you see in this particular article can be found on performbetter.com, and are specifically called mini-bands. Enjoy!

@ 11:15pm ET on October 7, 2008

@ 6:17pm ET on November 30, 2008
Great exercises!! I complete the side lunge with the dumbbell just before walking. Thanks for the post!

@ 7:53pm ET on November 30, 2008
Thank you Sandy!

@ 10:30am ET on March 9, 2009
This sounds great for the outer thighs.... what about those of us with inner thigh fat?

@ 6:23pm ET on March 9, 2009
Oh I wouldn't that out! The side lunge with the dumbbell takes care of that and more! Actually, all three exercises concentrate on a group of muscles in your legs, which gets more bang for your butt-I mean "buck"!

@ 11:41am ET on August 16, 2010
what if you don't have a band or dumbbells is there sumthing else i could use instead?around the house mabey.

@ 5:58am ET on October 6, 2015
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@ 6:57am ET on October 10, 2015
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