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Hello everyone,How is everyone doing? I'm happy to say that i only have 20 more pounds to go until i reach my goal weight.I feel as though i'm at a stand still but i'm still very happy with my progress.Even after i reach my goal i want change how and why i workout.I'm going to keep up with my life style change.I really like being healthy and i love the change i see in myself and in my 2 workout buddies.I LOVE MY KICKBOXING CLASS IT HAS HELPED ME OUT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Thanks to you all for your help and support.

@ 11:37am ET on May 17, 2010 How much have you lost so far? Kickboxing sounds awesome!
@ 12:56pm ET on May 17, 2010 That is so great! I cannot wait until I get that close to my goal. It sounds like your kickboxing class is awesome! I'm curious, too...how much have you lost? Congrats! ~Sara :o)
@ 4:29pm ET on May 17, 2010 Hey ladys i've lost 80 pounds and it feels great.
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