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Today I was really feel a little emotional. I have decided to let this on and off relationship, that I have been in such a long time--GO...I got tried of chasing after him ....it just became too hard. There was always this feeling though that if I could just focus on myself I would FINALLY be able to let it go. The only time in the past I did was 4 years ago I had stopped calling him for 1 year cause I was hurt and I decided to get in shape. I was I have a lot of anger built up inside of me...sometimes I feel like I need to let that out but I don't I just watch tv....and distract myself from it all.

The other day I decided to use the treadmile while I watched tv....I started running and I felt great afterwards. I actually had some amazing sleep. It's nice chasing after something else other than him.

I worked out 3 days this week and I was happy with it. However, I wasn't the best when it came to food. It's bad...when I am alone at home at night--watching tv, I tend to eat junk food. It's like it doesn't make me feel so lonely....

I know--sad post---but true...But I am started to realize that being healthy is like creating a stronger friendship with yourself...

@ 4:24pm ET on October 15, 2012
It sounds like you'll be much better off without him! Good for you for the exercise you're getting in - and I'm glad to hear you're already feeling the benefits of it. Better sleep is one of the best side effects of exercising, I find!

For the junk food issue - keep this in mind: If it doesn't make it into the shopping cart, it'll be a lot harder for it to make it into your mouth! It's SO much easier for me to avoid junk food if I don't have any (or much) in my home. There are so many other guilt-free ways to satisfy many different kinds of junk cravings.

I did a quick search and found these Diet.com expert blogs/tips for you, about cravings:





Check them out - I hope they're helpful!

@ 8:50am ET on October 20, 2012
Hey pretty lady...well done....do it for yourself...you deserve better...go get it!!

@ 11:18pm ET on October 21, 2012
aww thanks Baily and Anuba! I feel so much better after this week & kickboxing! Thanks for the tips and support!

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