Me dieting(not interesting)

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I did great monday and tuesday! Then today I felt like i might not make it through gym. So i decided to drink some milk for lunch and ended up eating beans and a burrito then when i got home i really pigged. so sad i gave in so easily. I hope to start right back perfect tommorrow.

@ 12:47pm ET on August 16, 2012
There's no such thing as "perfect"! Great job on Monday and Tuesday - you should be proud of yourself! I recommend outlining your eating/exercise plan for the week. Seeing it written down might help you stick to the plan easier. Also, if it's too hard to stick to working out at the gym everyday at first, I'd recommend going to every other day - while still remaining active (like taking walks, etc) on your "off" days. This will slowly build a habit of increasing your activity levels everyday, without burning you out!

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