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Getting my sexy back..

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So I looked up online about the mud run and it wasnt certain how many obsticales were going to be in this 3.1 mile run until yesterday. I finally got to see what I would be doing and there are 18 obsticles. Most of them sound pretty easy and fun, but the monkey bars scare me and a few of the rope things. lol. I really and working hard to get some upper body strength. ecause I really dont want my team to get behind just because of me. Even though it is supposed to be fun. I think at my first 5 k it was easy to walk bc it was only my brother. But this time there will be a few of his friends and another female I just dont want to be that person they are waiting on.

On to good news. I havent loaded any new photos of me in my bathing suit only bc i see no difference. But i did model it in front of my best friend and she let me know there was a good difference in my tummy which is great. I really do feel lighter and Im not worried about people thinking Im prego anymore bc it really doesnt hang to much. Which I love. Im really getting my confidence back. Ohh and Im enjoying taking face shots again and posting them on facebook. lol. I will post a new pic soon. Btw push ups and sit ups really work and they are easy to just do a few here and there. Ohh and I did find a great stretch on diet.com for my calfs. Thank You so much. Love you guys.


@ 11:38am ET on September 6, 2012 I'm so excited for you about the Mud Run! Those obstacles will be fun and challenging, and I know you'll be so proud of yourself once you're done!

So exciting to hear you're seeing changes in your face - keep up all of the great work!
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