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Well I had a 10k trail run planned for October, but my brother said it may be to hard. So he signed me up for another small race last weekend and I was excited bc I have been training and I loved the fact that finally I was gonna be able to show my stuff on the 5k. Well a few days before my brother asked me if I was ready for my 10k and I said no it was a 5k, but I was wrong. So thursday I was freaking out bc I was not ready fro a 10k. So I strongly doubted my self and it showed. The night before I had alot of carbs get get my body prepared and we went to a morning yoga to stretch out, which helped alot. But the carbs made my tummy hurt the night before and I went to bed with even more doubt. The morning of my mom and sister actually woke up at 6am to be my support team, but I was still terrified. The race was really small about 18 people total, there to do a 5k, 10k and half marathon. So I wasnt to worried. I started to get excited, I had new running pants on and a new shirt which I loved. Then we started running and a quick pace and my new pants were to big bc they started falling off. I kept up for about a mile then I found myself walking and not a fast walk. My pants were driving me nuts and the cold air was makeing it hard to breathe. We made it almost to the 2 miles mark and I started crying bc i knew i couldnt do it. So I decided to just do the 5k. So I would drag my brother down anymore and that way I can atleast finish something. Well when i got back to the fnish line i let the lady know I was done and she said that is fine. Then after a while she said I still had to finish my turn around and I was like really. So i didnt finish that, i already had my failure face on and just didnt care. I would have finished 1st out of the 4 other ladies doing the 5k, but i signed up for a 10k so I didnt want to tak e1st place of something I didnt sign up for. So I was so over it. Uggghh. So I had a horrible run day. But I have the big thanksgiving 5k and my promise to myself is that I will be prepared. I will finish in the top, depending how many people are signed up. I will run 3 miles everyday until I reach 23 mins. The first 5 k I did i came in at 46 mins. So I will cut that in half. I know now you can not be negative, I am so glad I learned that. I am responsible for my results. Below is a photo from my first 5k to the one I jut did. It was super fun and mark my words i will complete my goals. Thank You guys. No more being negative. Love yall

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@ 3:18pm ET on October 24, 2012
You look great!! Such a drag about your pants not fitting right, gah! I am super proud of you for finishing the 5k, even if it started out as a 10k. Do you know how many people won't even sign up for a race, let alone a 5k!? I can't wait to hear about your training for the next race. Good luck!

@ 5:31pm ET on October 24, 2012
Hey - just saw this picture and thought of you and this blog. I'm not sure if you can see the picture, if you copy and paste this into your browser:

@ 2:17pm ET on July 2, 2013
Hey girl! We miss you! Would love to hear an update. Check in with us!

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