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I am the queen of starting an exercise routine and a healthy eating plan and will lose 30 to 40 pounds in two mounts then stop gain it all back and have hell to try it again. This last time I did that (quit) and gain so much that I hate how I look in the mirror every day; as well as how it’s affected me mentally and emotionally. It’s even gotten so bad that I don’t want to leave my home. I don’t want to continually keep giving up on myself; I can’t accept that hellish circle of self-damage anymore. So today is my now, tomorrow is my future and yesterday will always be my past….

@ 2:51pm ET on September 11, 2012
that's an amazing thing that you're able to lose all that weight! but you might be losing it too fast. try to take it slow.

what i ask myself, when i plan my diet is "can i do this for the rest of my life?". don't plan an exercise routine that's so intense, that you can't keep it up in the long run. don't cut all the things you love to eat off of your diet. try to include then in small amounts, so you don't end up binge eating, because you miss them.

good luck to you! keep us posted on your progress :)

@ 3:03pm ET on September 12, 2012
Matabo offered great advice ^^ Slow and steady wins the race. If you're losing a LOT of weight in a short amount of time, chances are decent that you may be doing it in an unsustainable way (like severely restricting your calorie intake, or working out so often that you burn yourself out completely). No one can stick to extreme plans like that, and it'll be no wonder that you burn out and want to say, "Forget this!"

It's really important to identify lifestyle factors or habits that are contributing to your weight gain. Identifying them gives you a way to put in place a plan to "tackle" them, one-by-one, and slowly improve your lifestyle to the point that the weight just sort of comes off as a side effect of the changes you're making!

Some habits to look at might be:
- Are you drinking enough water?
- Are you consuming enough fresh fruits and vegetables each day?
- Do you make a point to get in daily activity, to keep your body moving?
- Are you eating a lot of sweets?
- Are you skipping meals?

Fill us in on what you think you need to work on, and we can all help pitch in with ideas and tips for ways you can tackle those different challenges. You're not in this alone!! Can't wait to hear from you again -


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