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Here's to success!

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I really mean it this time. I don't think I have a choice, anyway. Either I lose weight, be healthy and happy, or keep on putting on weight, progressively feeling more and more unhealthy in myself.

Oh, I know what to eat and when, I have followed enought diets in the past. My problem has always been that I get bored easily and start craving all the wrong kinds of food.

Enough is enough though. Now that I don't have to run after the kids anymore, I have to learn to think of myself as my first priority again.

Here's to success, then! Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

@ 11:50am ET on August 7, 2012 Good to see you're getting yourself on track! I have problems with craving the wrong foods as well. Chinese food is my weakness, haha :)
@ 2:13pm ET on August 7, 2012 There are sooooo many delicious and healthy foods out there that there's no reason you should ever have to become bored with your food! I encourage you to check out the Diet.com Recipes section for almost 1,200 different interesting, tasty and diet-friendly ideas :)

Also, check out all of our Nutrition and Diet Expert Blogs for more ways to spice up your eating and avoid boredom!
@ 3:28pm ET on August 7, 2012 You are your first priority, you can do this!!! =^.^=
@ 1:11am ET on August 8, 2012 Thank you everyone. Your support means a lot.
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