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Why are Mondays always so hectic? I start my day at 7:00 AM and finish at about 9:00 PM. There are so many opportunities for road bumps throughout the day. I really try to roll with the punches. It's a real test of endurance for me. I know we all have at least one day every week that really tests us.

For me, it's all about small snacks spaced throughout the day to keep my energy level up. Also, my personality can really take a turn for the worse when I don't get enough to eat!

I realized that it's best for me to have a dinner game plan arranged the day before. I eat leftovers from Sunday when I can to make Mondays a little easier. Last night I made a spinach and cheese quiche (added onions and hot sauce to the mix to give it an extra kick of flavor!) I really love Frank's Red Hot Sauce. It's a nice level of heat, without being overwhelming.

Here's a pic of my quiche!

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What are you having for dinner tonight?

What should I have tomorrow night? Any wheat-free suggestions?

Please share the yummy and healthy meals you are cooking up!

@ 12:30pm ET on August 7, 2012
I had an easy-peasy pasta dinner last night - it's been SO hot here in Portland that I had to really talk myself into going to the gym (the idea of sweating even more than I already was was NOT that tempting!), and by the time I got out of the gym, I didn't want to have to prepare any big fancy dinner. Whole wheat pasta plus a souped-up sauce (we always add tons of fresh, chopped veggies into our jarred pasta sauces), and a really easy side salad of romaine lettuce was what we settled on for a quick and nutritious dinner!

@ 3:24pm ET on August 7, 2012
Last night was quinoa, tomato soup (Trader Joe's)* and a rice cracker with ricotta cheese. I've been wheat free for 5 days :) bye bye wheat belly :D

Arielle, In our family we call that a "mean hungry." The spinach quiches looks yummy.

*money saving side note: There is a Trader Joes about 80 miles away and it's so worth going and getting the tomato soup for $2.50 for the carton. I was paying over $5 for the Imagine brand. They are building another TJ's in Sarasota, about 40 miles away, hurray! =^.^=

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