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One of these days I am going to quit my job and not worry about people thinking they are better than me. Yesterday morning I didnt wake up to run due to lack of sleep and my legs were killing me. So I already kinda had a off day, not to mention I was forty mins late to work. Besides that my job consist of alot of different things and I hardly get a few mins especially in the beginning of the month bc that is when rent is due. lol. But yea on a daily basic I am taking calls and emails and working on my rentals and handeling the tenants and anything the agents need. It is pretty stressful at times and some times it is very laid back. The one thing that drives me nuts is that people make mistakes and I made a tiny one yesterday and I had my boss (dad) and an agent who i thought was a friend pretty much attack me. They like to surround me and make me feel like an idiot and pretty much laugh at me. Only bc they think they are better than me. I apologized and pretty much said im trying and instead of them leaving they just kept pushing and I lost my mind to the point where i just wanted to leave (of course punch them in the face They finally left me alone and a gentlemen came in with an attitude and we got into it to the point where i asked him to leave and of course he didnt..I have to work on my seriouse

I just dont understand how im so understanding and sweet to where I will try and help you as much as possible, but no one cares about my feelings. I am alittle sensetive but I mean respect would be nice. :( So a new leaf is turned to the point where apparently I can not do anything for anyone due to my stuff apparently not getting down. SO the world of No here I come. I wont be completely a meany but I will not let anyone take advantage of me. Time to get to work.

Working out tonight with some strength training. 24 days left till my first 5k. lol.

Love yall

@ 7:41pm ET on August 3, 2012
I'm sory to hear you had such a crappy day yesterday. I hope today was better for you.

@ 5:54pm ET on August 6, 2012
Ugh sorry to hear about that!! I hope that your workout that night helped make you feel better - exercise is a great way to alleviate stress and make you happier.

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