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With the program I'm doing, Run Your Butt Off!, I'm supposed to set 5 goals. I have some written down, I just feel like they may not be realistic or challenging enough. I don't know, any suggestions?

Here's the one's I came up with:

lose 12 lbs by phase 7 (or 2lbs a week)
drop a pant size
eat 1200 calories in a day
plan meals for 5 days out of the week
no candy
only eat out once a week
work out at least 5 days a week

@ 8:43pm ET on July 29, 2012
I think those are awesome goals! You maybe could have some goals that focused on your outlook on your life or something. I know you had a blog talking about irritation. Maybe you could have a goal about trying to get through that.

@ 10:07pm ET on July 29, 2012
Yes. Setting goals to obtain a victory in something worth striving towards is with it int he long run…. For long turn "lifestyle" improvement success, perhaps setting other goals that can be "repeated for life" would be good as well. Simple things. For example:
- park further away from work or school to make the body walk more,
- for 3 floors or less, walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator,
- while brushing one's teeth do 75 raised calves (standing on your tippy toes and down again) while brushing one's teeth before bed,
- do 10+ laps in the public pool every other weekend.
- Alway walk or jump (like jump rope or jogging or mini-trampoline) after large plate dinner time. Thus, helping its digestion system as well.

On the food side, how about
- no more Breaded meats / breaded fish,
- no more fries or potatoes,
- more more thick sauces on the salad,
- only veggies on one's burger or hotdog (with NO sauces).
- For hamburgers, pick whole wheat bread. And if possible, pick smaller size. When it comes to food, larger is NOT better.
- Have unbreaded fish (like Tuna, Salmon, shrimp, etc.) 3 times each week.
- NO more coke / pepsi. Not even that diet stuff.
- Have more fresh (or 2nd choice frozen) veggies. Closer to nature the better.
- Have more north of North America Fruits - like apples, berries, etc.

Perhaps you can apply some of these lifestyle changes as well.

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