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Will power is definitely something I lack... any help on how to gain it back? I just see soda and I want to drink it. It's bad. Rough start so far.

@ 4:42pm ET on July 20, 2012
I need to get off soda as well. It is such a struggle. First off, don't have it in your house! I have to keep my hubby from buying it. Next, keep something like crystal lite around nice and cold. At first, I have had to force myself to drink it. But keeping it right next to me and cold, keeps me from wanting to go grab the soda.

@ 5:28pm ET on July 20, 2012
Soda can be tricky since it really is addicting. Try replacing it with a carbonated water, to start off. You have to find your motivation to really want to kick your soda habit. What are your goals? Share them with us!! And good luck, in the meantime!!

@ 12:31am ET on July 22, 2012
Will Power is the hardest thing we have to face.
And we have to ask ourselves really WHY? im sure noone will ever know the answer.
I am not a big soda drinker , but when I crave for one i opt for a coke zero. That is all that I ever buy. That with a glass full of ice , great. The other one that I love is sprite zero. They still give you the taste of real soda but without all the calories. The other drink is cyrstal lite. I find the ice tea and the berry one is the best. The lemonade is also very good, but it does need alot of ice.these are just a few suggestions. I hope they help a bit. Good luck with your will power.You can do it.

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