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Yay I survived...So Friday night after work i went around town to find a arm band for my smartphone and of course everyone wants like $25 for this silly thing, So i talked to my motivator (my brother) and he let me know about this waste band that will hold my phone, keys and water which I totally need to start bringing with me. Anyways minue the arm band I did my two miles friday night which were super easy and Im glad. I went to bed really early for a friday night but my schedule has changed. I was up Saturday morning at 8am which bothered me alittle bit bc i normally sleep in on my days off. But i kinda enjoyed having all day to catch up. Saturday night i went to be alittle late which was bad bc I had my 10 mile run so instead of doing it early in the morning I managed to go later on in the afternoon, it was great bc it rained earlier in the day so it was nice and cool. I didnt make it the full 10 miles but 8 was good enough for me.I tried something new which was great. Noramlly the days i have longer runs i would go to the track and give up easier bc i would see my car just a mile away. but this time i ran from my house so the further away i ran he further i had to go back to get my car. I just wish i had a sidwalk by my house. lol. Well the eating right thing is going great minus the little slip with the cookies that are in teh and i did eat alittle after 8 last night but the long run and moving furniture had me beat so i feel asleep on accident and woke up starving.

Today is my day off just like saturday but I think im gonna do some strength training instead of just sitting on my butt. Thank you guys for the support it means alot. goodluck

Love yall

@ 4:25pm ET on July 16, 2012
8 miles!?! That is awesome! You must be rockin in shape!

@ 4:50pm ET on July 16, 2012
Ohh sorry yea by 8 miles i mean run 2 1/2 then walk a 1/2 and so one so forth. with pushing myself more and more. this is my first week so im starting to adjust. I just atleast want to go the furthest i can.

@ 5:49pm ET on July 16, 2012
congratulations on making it through the first weekend!!! yay for you...

@ 4:25pm ET on July 17, 2012
Look at you go!! So proud of you! It's great to hear your progress reports, thanks so much for sharing them with us! Keep up the GREAT work! Let us know what kind of strength-training you did yesterday - I love swapping ideas!

@ 11:14am ET on July 18, 2012
Still great, though. I couldn't run 2.5 right now if I had to!!

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