my weight loss/gain story

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And i'm back here, feeling hopless and just so disapointed with myself.
I'm not getting anywhere with this. The little weight I lose one week I gain right back the next.
I'm so annoyed at myself. I don't know what to do. Why is eating healthy so hard for me? Why do I love biscuits and bread soo much? arg!!!
And on top of that I'm getting headaches again. I had them a while ago and a change in my diet made a real difference (no sugar or dairy). but now, it seems that's not even a good motivation.
ARG!! really all I can say is ARG!!!
What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to do this!!! 108 is my goal and I want it.. I want it so bad, but everytime I get close to it I mess up :(

@ 3:01pm ET on July 5, 2012
Don't feel hopeless!! Things are definitely not hopeless, so let's pull you out of that rut.

You've identified a couple of foods that you tend to overeat (i.e. cookies and bread), but the way to stop overeating them is by identifying what triggers you to overeat them. Keep track of not only what you eat, but when and why you find yourself eating them.

Please check out our emotional eating expert, Dr. Roger Gould - his blogs can help you take some steps towards identifying why you feel like you lose control of your eating:

You CAN do this! People conquer bad habits all the time - you can, too!

Keep checking in with us when you feel overwhelmed - we're here to hear you out and help pull you back up!

@ 8:11pm ET on July 5, 2012
You can do it..Just past the bread and biscuit aisle:) and another thing that is not helping is that you are checking your weight every wee check. Don't do that only check your weight at least every two weeks or once a month. I check my weight once a month so that way I'm not disappointed about all the flip flops in the weight loss numbers. When I check my weight every month once a month I feel like I have accomplish such an amazing goal, I believe you can do it..Stomp those biscuits, Stomp that bread. LOL !!

@ 12:27pm ET on July 9, 2012
Yammymama is right!:) I do this and it helps

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