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I hit a big milestone in June -- down by 30lbs! :D And then I hit 190lbs!

...and then I fell off the bandwagon, stopped drinking enough water, ate too much and gained 3lbs back in the last 10 days of June. LOL!

So on June 1, I weighed 193lbs. July 1st, I weighed 193.4lbs. >_<

However... Between June 1 and July 1, I lost 2 inches off my body (and that's just in the neck, hips and waist... that's all I measured in June lol... added belly button, thighs and upper arms for July!) ... and am down by 1% of body fat. So whatever I gained in pounds is either my scale being quirky (think the battery is in need of replacing) or was muscle. Which, considering I haven't been doing any sort of actual workouts besides hauling a baby around and lifting/doing regular household chores... would be fairly impressive! :)

Today I'm still at 193.0... I REALLY need to just step away from the scale.

I think I would have lost 4lbs in June if I hadn't lost control in the last week. So not a bad rate.

I had my birth control appointment yesterday with my OBGYN and he didn't say anything about my weight... haha. I got fitted for a diaphragm and he was so excited to talk about diaphragms that he didn't mention anything besides birth control during the whole appointment. Plus their scale said I'm 197lbs, which of course made me come home and triple check that I'm not. >_<

Anyway... getting back into that office and talking about preventing pregnancy brought my mental block back around full circle and I'm feeling fine about it all again. Now that my husband and I can get back in the sack, I don't feel as resentful of him touching me (when I was off BC for May and June, we were abstaining because he REALLY doesn't want another baby right now), because at least now his groping can lead somewhere! Plus it reminded me that one of my main motivations for losing weight right now is the eventual goal of a third and final pregnancy in the next year or two. I can either be fat and pregnant or healthy-sized and pregnant at that point, and if I want to be at a healthy weight for it, then I need to work on that NOW.

I'm going to go to WalMart today to hopefully find the 30 day shred there. And some free weights. Its past time I get some activity into my life... and at 100+ degrees outside every day, and only cooling down to about 85 at night, it is way too hot for me to go outside and walk, especially with a baby strapped to me. I don't think that would be good for me OR the baby! This is the hottest/worst summer we've had in a long time... its just plain grossly hot outside. And this entire area of the country is on fire. There is a massive fire in SE Montana (like 200 square miles?) and its only like 100 miles north of where I live, so between that massive fire and the Black Hills being on fire, and grassfires breaking out all across the prairie... being outside is just a headache and a set of burning eyes waiting to happen. It sucks. :(

I'm also deep cleaning the house right now, so that I can hopefully finally get our elliptical back into a useable spot. Right now its being used to hold clothes in our bedroom, which isn't very awesome. Nothing like a $600 clothes rack! It is going to have to stay in our bedroom, but I think I can rearrange some other furniture in there to make it so that I can use it again. If I can't, then I'm going to sell it to my brother, because I'm dead tired of tripping over it!

Have a lovely Wednesday and a great July 4th to all you Americans! Hopefully your area of the country isn't ablaze so you'll actually be allowed to see and set off some fireworks (they're not allowed here this year, not even the public display!)

@ 10:30am ET on July 3, 2012
Glad you've come "full circle" - just keep looking forward and keep your eyes on your goal! Happy 4th!

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