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My Journey

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As mentioned before I've recently in the past three months started taking Loestrin... which has boosted my weight because of water retention. I've tried so much to get rid of it or at least keep it down. I've tried to keep up with some sort of workout even if it's just a small ab workout of 60-90 crunches and 20 pushups a night. I've even started to take water pills (Diurex), which helps a little. But it's really frustrating as I've mentioned before. Hopefully my body gets regulated soon and I can get back to normal. This is killing my self esteem. Legit.

Anyway, I did part of my loop today. I didn't do the whole loop, but as long as I got out and did something.

I need to make some sort of dinner and start getting ready for a birthday shindig I'm going to for a friend tonight. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Later days!

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