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I woke up pumped to teach Spinning. I hopped on the subway and headed over to South Boston where I teach an 8:15 AM Spinning class. I wiggled my way on to the overcrowded train and reached for my ipod. I love listening to my playlist and going over my class plan while I am travelling. Hearing the music gets me super excited!

When I entered the Spinning room, I could feel that everyone was feeling unsettled this morning. I think the fast approaching heat wave was making people feel tense this AM. I felt it too! We all knew we had a long hot day ahead of us!

What I love about cycling is that it has such a a calming effect. It makes everything seem more manageable. Amazing!

I plugged in my ipod, let the warm up music play, and little by little all of the chatter disappeared. We all did our part to let go and focus on the ride.

Here's the playlist:

Warm up: "If we ever Meet again" (Dynamix Remix)
Flat Road/Combo work: "Forget You" (Street Mix) DB Sound
Seated Climb: "E.T" (Rock City Remix) RokCity
Flat Road/Combo: "The Edge of Glory" Lady Gaga
Flat Road/Combo: "Just Can't Get Enough (Human Jive Remix) Chani
Seated Climb: "Give me Everything" (DJ Shocker Remix)
Combo: "Moves Like Jagger" (DJ Shocker Remix)
Flat Road/Seated Climb: "Take Care (DJ Shocker)
Standing Climb: "Dedication to My Ex" (Pierre Cardin Remix)
Flat Road/Climb: "Collide" (House Remix-Pierre Cardin)
Cool Down: "Secrets" (One Republic)
Stretch: Beautiful Day (Inishkea Cover)

What music inspires you? Please share if a song has moved you recently!

@ 4:20pm ET on June 21, 2012
I read your post a few times and kept reflecting on changes during my long life. When I was young, I loved being "pumped up" with music. Fast music with a beat, with a story and content that makes me do more than my usual endurance depth / length. Today, being much older age, I don't like music during my exercises. Today, I like "nice and calm" silence. Silent and "with nature" on my kayak, silent and "with nature" while lake swimming. And, nice and quit "in calm sounds" while doing my long distance peddle bike rides. Nice and calm and "silence" where possible. This keeps my BP lower and allows me to enjoy the moment - instead of being flooded with sound pollution. Guess people change as they get older age...

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