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My Journey

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I hope that I'm making some progress this week while I'm at home. I did another treadmill workout today for 30 minutes and burned 311 calories, then did a quick ab workout. I'm about to get dressed and head off to work for a quick 4 hour shift. Depending on how my back and foot feel when I get home, I might do another treadmill workout just to stay ahead of myself. We'll see how it goes.

I got to work yesterday at my home store and quickly realized that a lot of the girls I work with have lost weight... even the ones that were sticks before are now even ... well... stick-ier? It lit a fire under my ass. Granted, I love the gals I work with, the ones I know from before anyway. But the last time I was home and worked everyone was just like "OMG Carry you look so great! You've lost so much weight! Way to go!" and this time when they said it, it almost sounded like they just felt obligated to say it ha ha So hopefully my body gets itself together soon and I get back on track.

Anyway, I need to get ready and head into work. Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend ahead of them.

Later days!

@ 5:46pm ET on June 15, 2012 I've also come to an interesting conclusion... and I'm not sure if it's right but it sure makes me feel better to think about it ha ha I weighed myself a while ago and was down to 147, which is much more realistic than the 144 it was the other day which would be a 10 pound difference in one day. But I think one thing I need to focus on is toning. I think part of my problem now is water weight from the loestrin, so maybe if I work on toning as opposed to cardio, but not excluding cardio mind you, maybe I'll start to see the results I want. When I get back to Boone on Monday I'm going to try and start doing my Zumba toning dvd every day. We'll see how that goes ha ha
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