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Sitting at your desk for long periods of time certainly isn't good for us as it is... But if you're sitting the wrong way at your desk, you're setting yourself up for even MORE trouble!

Many of us can't avoid having desk jobs, but we can make a conscious effort to take breaks to stand, stretch or take short walks during our workday. Diet.com also recommends creating other opportunities for movement while on the job - like performing calf raises while you wait for your copies at the Xerox machine or even just taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

And if you're feeilng ultra-adventurous, you can browse through Diet.com's library of No Equipment Workout videos (which is one of our brand new video categories) and perform some of them in your office area or break room!

For tips on the perfect posture while at your desk, check out this blog:
Work Ergonomics

The article contains a slide show with several different head-to-toe tips for perfecting your posture as you sit!

For even more resources on how to set up your work station for posture-success, check out the Occupational Safety & Health Administration website.

I hope you find these tips helpful!!

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