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My body has decided to return to being fertile after the birth of Parker. Breastfeeding is supposed to delay that for at least six months, but of course it doesn't work for everybody. :P The birth control I was on was giving me a period every 2 weeks, which means that I was almost always bloated and retaining water. So I went off the birth control and have spent the past month or so researching non-hormonal birth control methods.

Has anybody here weighed in daily for a couple of cycles to take note of how their weight fluctuates throughout their cycle? I know women tend to retain a pound or two of water weight during "that time of the month", but what about the rest of the month?

I ask, because I'm wondering if there's an "ideal" time of the month to weigh in. Is right after the period stops the best time, or maybe before it starts? Hmmm...

I may have to do an experiment and weigh in daily to see what the fluctuations are. I just don't know if I'm mentally in a place where I can look past that number being "just a number" and just a bit of date or I'm going to view it as some sort of daily failure or success. >_<

I'd like to get to where I only weigh in once per month... I just want it to be the right time of the month to weigh in, you know? :D

Anyway. Speaking of weight, when I weighed in the other day, I was down to 194.8! Wooohooooo! I think I'm coming up on my period now (feel awful bloated today, but maybe I didn't drink enough water yesterday?), so I'm going to hold off until its gone to weigh in again. My next mini-goal of 190 is sooo close that I can ALMOST taste it! (And I just want a taste... no need to eat everything that tastes good. ;)) I'm going to have to pick out a little reward for myself... better get to thinking about that!

@ 9:12pm ET on May 24, 2012
Congratulations on the weight loss, so very proud of you!!! Looking/caring/chasing after 2 little ones is quite exhausting and a great workout :D

I weigh myself every Friday morning. The Monday morning weigh in wasn't working for me, as a matter of fact the Tuesday morning weigh in was just as bad and so on, I also tried weighing in at different times. After all that it's Friday morning first thing, well second (after pee). =^.^=

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