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One week down! I'm still not seeing as much in the way of results, but hopefully that'll come soon. And to be honest, I only did about half of today's workout. I'm not feeling 100% today and I still have to go into work for 6 hours here soon, so I decided not to push myself. I don't want to do more harm to my body than good. I'll make it up tomorrow by adding a jog or a zumba exercise in along with the 30 day shred workout. I just really don't want to push my body too much since I still have to work tonight.

The weather in Boone so far this summer has just been rain rain and more rain. Even now as I type this blog I can see it pouring outside my kitchen window. Ooooo and I just heard a small boom of thunder. This weather is great, and we do need the rain, but it makes me sad because I can't go out and walk my loop as much as I'd like to. I mean, sure I can jog on wii fit... but... there's no real inclines or anything. And jogging in place bothers my knees for some reason. So hopefully all this rain will pass over soon and I can get back to doing things outside.

Anywho, just thought I'd pop on here and just say hello. I know I've been hitting these blogs fairly regularly lately... yay it being summer and me not having much of anything else to do ha ha Hope that everyone is having a great week!

Later days!

@ 4:13pm ET on May 24, 2012
I love going for a walk in the rain! You get a bit wet, but I find it very refreshing. :) (Not a downpour rain, but just a nice drizzle. Bundle up and give it a try!)

@ 12:50am ET on May 25, 2012
Ha ha walking in a sprinkling rain is ok, but it's been like, insane pouring rain almost every day. Walking in that just isn't the best idea. I don't need to be getting sick ha ha

@ 9:39am ET on May 25, 2012
Try some of our fitness videos for rainy days! We just re-organized our videos into a ton of super helpful categories - two of which are "no equipment workouts" and "at home workouts"! Check them out under Fitness > Fitness Videos!

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