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So it begins.

The other day I decided to post some photos of my baby bump, which to me and my husband, seems to have grown a tiny bit this past week. Since I still carry some chub in my belly, its a little bigger than someone who has a flat tummy.

Well.. some people decided to leave me some comments (on a social network, not and they were saying things like.. "are you sure its not twins" and "wow, I didn't look like that till 4 months". I posted the picture because I am not going to not show them to my friends and family that live far away just because I am not "all baby" as they say. I also love progression pictures, as you well know from my many pictures on here. I was kind of afraid I wouldn't get a round belly for a long time and feel so excited that my baby is poking out so soon.

So, I decided not to talk to anyone on there for a while and give myself a break to focus on my little family. I spent some time looking a baby items online instead.. sometimes you just need a break from what others say. And enjoy the happiness of the little things in life.

thanks for listening to my ramblings... :)

@ 10:27pm ET on May 22, 2012
Ugh... unfortunately, that doesn't end until you give birth. Everybody has an opinion to share with pregnant women! Annoying, to be sure!

Progression pictures are so fun to look back on after the pregnancy! You'll never be able to believe how big you got, even if you don't get all that big. :)

@ 12:41am ET on May 23, 2012
Perhaps its best to ignore the negative comments from others. If wondering, I've been bald for many years. One of those family genetic things. If people don't like the way I look, then "they" can look the other way. I simply say, "What you see is what you get". And, I refuse to change my life - because I don't fit into their "perfect Barbie or perfect Ken shape" body figures.

Talk about never judge a book by its outer covers... Did I every tell you about my wife? She's approx 20-25 lbs above normal weight - for her height average. That's what most folks see on the outside. Under her hood (sort of speaking), is a lady who has kick boxing certificates longer then house wall. At lightling fast speed, she can kick the baseball cap off any person's head without even touching their nose. What do I see when I look at my wife? A pretty blue-eyed and strong lady who can hold her own, who is emotionally steady and doesn't give 2 cents on what others think of her outer shape. She's got the power under her hood and if needed, isn't afriad to use it. Never under estimate her inner power either. Just like I'm sure "you have your own special powers" as well...

With above in mind..... Perhaps it might be best to live life the way you want to - not how others think you should live. After all, it's your life - not theirs....

@ 7:40am ET on May 23, 2012
Well Rachel is partially correct, you will get opinions until the kiddo is 18, no or is it 21? You're growing a miracle in your tummy, and it's wonderful, I bet you are glowing! facebook, emails and texting can be downright cold and misunderstood. Nothing beats a phone call or an actual visit. I think we are so fortunate with bloggers. We are an educated group and with that brings kindness and understanding like no other =^.^=

@ 11:35am ET on May 23, 2012
You should send those naysayers your TWO different Weight Loss Success Story features and tell them to stuff it!!! ;) It's great that you have a good head on your shoulders and recognize that those people and their comments aren't adding positivity to your life, and that you're taking a break from them to focus on the positives. Like your family!

On a fun note, what sorts of baby stuff have you been looking at online? That must be so fun!!!! Enjoy it all, girl!

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