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The day’s food:
B: omelette made of 4 egg whites and veggies
L: red cabbage, tuna, carrots
A: 1 nupobar
D: healthy birthday dinner
A: 2 carrot, 1 apple, 2 nupobar
Kcal: ca. 1600

The day’s exercise:
Bicycling 24km, a bit of gym class in school

3 good things today:
I did not eat cake at the birthday, I did two types of exercise, made my sister happy, talk to new people,

3 things I could have done better today:
Not have eaten 3 nupobars (even though they are much better than any candy or cake), done more exercise in the gym class, looking for a missing important card.

The new or different thing I did today:
Eat really healthy at a birthday party, and talk to new people

Rating of me and my day:
***** - 5/6

Discipline is remembering what you want

@ 11:29am ET on May 23, 2012
Happy birthday!! What'd you have for your bday dinner? And what are some of your favorite veggies to add to your omelettes? I love your quote!

@ 4:53am ET on May 29, 2012
It was my sisters B-day, and she had some salads with meat, and some tomatoes and feta, and some salmon, and I did not have any cake.
At the time I use red cabbage and tomatoes in my eggs, I start with the veggies, and I just scramble it all together. but pepper are also nice, bur I really like cabbage, because the body has to use more Calories to burn the cabbage than what's in it ;)

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