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Today was day three of my 30 day shred workout... and while I'm already noticing a change in my endurance I still have a LONG way to go. Who knew a 20 minute workout could kick your butt so hard ha ha I'm still very sore as I'm getting used to the workout, but as someone mentioned in my last blog... the soreness is sort of a good feeling because then at least you know it's working. Hope to see some weight loss soon... still came in at 149 today but I think I lost like two ounces? ha ha

Today's been a bit of a lazy day. I woke up randomly pretty early this morning. Not sure why. But I made a bowl of golden grahams and ate in my room while I was watching some old "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" episodes on my computer. Then I fell back asleep and woke up in the afternoon. I ate a frozen chimichanga with some ranch, then got dressed and went to work for a meeting I had to go to. When I got home I had some left over whole wheat spaghetti from last night and then sat in my chair and watched "Big Bang Theory" until I nodded off and took about a 20 minute nap. When I woke up I realized how tired I was. I wanted to go out and walk my loop but I just didn't have the energy in me. However, as stated, I did make myself get up and do the 30 day shred. If I can at least do that everyday, I'll be content.

In about an hour I'll be hanging with two of my friends to watch the finale of Celebrity Apprentice (GO CLAY!) and I think we're making smores... which I know are unhealthy... but... come on... I can't so no to smores! I'll just make sure to only have like one or two. Promise :-)

Speaking of which I need to get out of these workout clothes, so I'm gonna get going. Hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend!

Later days!

@ 8:42am ET on May 21, 2012
I bet there's a way to make smores a bit healthy, maybe you can use dark chocolate and fat free graham crackers. It's good to get some sleep, most people are walking and driving around with too little sleep. =^.^=

@ 2:50pm ET on May 21, 2012
You're a rockstar for doing the 30 day shred - I look forward to hearing your updates about it! Take some progress pics :)

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