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Happy Friday everyone! I was lucky to have the day off from work :) I had a super busy day. I started the day off by oversleeping and causing my son to be late for school..oops! I had just enough time to get back home and load my 2 dogs in the car to take them to their 9am vet appointment. Learned today that my 15 month old beagle mix has allergies..poor baby. Other than that, both dogs are very healthy! I was able to get back home by 10:20, just in time to rush back to my son's school for a Picnic With Parents day..lol I barely made it in time. Whew! It was a very busy morning.

I can't believe that my son only has 5 more days of Kindergarten. This year has flown by!

I have some free time right now, so I going to take a look at the cool things that this site has to offer! I need some recipe ideas! What is your favorite thing to make?


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